Writing Center

Writing Center


Materials to support Writing Activities

Writing Activities

  • Writing Process Timeline
  • Writing prompts
  • Transition word list
  • Types of writing formats
  • Lists of adjectives to encourage more descriptive writing
  • Lists of verbs that are more descriptive
  • Graphic organizers
  • Writing rubrics
  • Student generated rubrics
  • Student Exemplar writing

Writing ActivitiesWriting Activities



Punctuation and parts of SpeechPunctuation and Parts of Speech

  • Activities in binder with answer keys available for students to check work.
  • Posters and magnetic definitions help provide explanation and practice along with additional magnetic grammar manipulatives.

Spelling lessons and Spelling Records

  • Students select spelling lessons from folder, complete activities that involve knowledge of phonics, word meaning, and comprehension in context.
  • Students take the spelling test when they have completed the packet. Spelling tests are pre-recorded by the teacher onto CD so the student can take the test at anytime.
  • Students ask a peer or the teacher to grade their work.
  • Students record their scores in the Spelling Records book (kept at the writing center), and on their own Spelling Score sheet. Students must pass test with 16 out of 18 to move on. Students meet with the teacher if they score below 16 to discuss remediation.


Writing Materials

Teacher Materials for Students to Access Activities or Explanations

  • Grammar books
  • Vocabulary books
  • Writing guides




12 Step Paragraph12 Step Paragraph

  • Helps students format writing and develop ability to use supporting ideas and examples when doing expository writing.
  • “Architectural structure” helps provide a visual aid and graphic organizer that students remember even when the outline is gone.

12 Step Paragraph