Reading Center

Reading Center


  • Books organized by genre
  • Thesauruses, English/English Dictionaries, English/Spanish Dictionaries
  • Books Labeled with Lexile level
  • Check out list


Exemplar Work

  • Boards show examples of student work related to Reading Learning Targets
  • Proficient work serves as a model for other students
Exemplar Work


Reading Aids

  • Graphic organizers to support reading through note taking and organization of details
  • Reading Comprehension Cube/Dice

Book Baskets on Table

  • Baskets of book grouped for small group reading
  • Baskets of books selected around a theme
  • Baskets of books that also have audio
  • Large CD players and individual Cassette and CD players are available for students who need the auditory support while reading.
  • Great for English Language Learners and students with special needs.
Reading Center Baskets

Reading Activities

  • Teacher materials and books are available for students to search for activities that meet Reading Learning targets

reading center vocabulary boardSelected Reading Target Vocabulary Board

  • Supports Learning Targets that are grouped around a theme or skill










Specific English Language Learner Tools English Language Learner Tools

An additional Bookshelf in another corner holds books that specifically focus on the emerging English Language Learner.

  • Short Reader books are organized into 4 reading levels.
  • Books feature high interest topic and scaffolded reading for low-level readers.
  • Each level focuses on specific vocabulary and grammar structures according to the reading level.
  • Text books developed for English Language learners and literacy are also available here at different skill levels.