Organizing Student Work

Organizing Student Work


Students place completed work that shows proficiency in their Literacy Learning Targets in their own portfolio binder.

Student Portfolio
  • 3 pieces of proficient evidence for each Learning Target are filed in the portfolio
  • Capacity matrices for each Learning Target list the 3 activities that met the Learning Target
  • A progress monitoring chart lists all the Learning Targets and what activities the student completed to meet the Learning Targets
  • When a Learning Target is completed (3 times) it is highlighted
  • Students actively participate in managing the portfolios

Display Boards

Display boards highlight student projects that meet Learning Targets.

Boards promote:

  • Idea generating
  • Understanding of how to use projects as a way of meeting Learning Targets
  • Creativity in meeting Learning Targets
  • Student pride in their own work
Student Project 1 Student Project 2