Learning Targets

(Often referred to as Learning Objectives or Standards)

Learning Targets

In a Standards Based System students will often be working on many different standards as they move at different paces.

The main board shows the agenda for the day for each class:

Each day there is a different Starter Skill that either directly hits a Learning Target in Reading or Writing over time, or provides support skills for other Learning Targets over time.


  • Monday: Spelling
  • Tuesday: Reading Strategy Cards
  • Wednesday: Journal Free-write
  • Thursday: Writing Warm-up
  • Friday: Your Choice (one of the above)

Individual Learning Targets

Students set their own Learning Targets for what they are doing based on their Goal Setting that they did for the week on Mondays. They look at their goals, pick what they will work on during class work time and write their own Learning Targets on their desks on white-board-paper strips.

Learning Target


  • Students know exactly what they are working on learning.
  • Teacher can tell immediately what students are doing and if they are on task.

Verbs for Learning Targets 

Learning Target VERB Chart

  • Helps students learn how to write their own Learning Targets
  • Students choose language that includes an action