Learning Stations (pdf)

In a Learner-Centered Classroom the tools and resources need to be at the fingertips of the students. Each station focuses on ways that students can access materials that they need, make choices about what they want to do, and know what is expected of them.

Reading Center

The reading center includes a variety of resources to inspire and enhance reading comprehension as students work towards meeting Reading Learning Targets. Materials include a library of books, selected books baskets for small groups or high interest choices, reading aids (graphic organizers, how-to lists, posters, etc.), exemplar work done by students, audio resources (CD and cassette players) for individuals or small groups to listen to while reading, teacher materials and resource books for student use, target vocabulary related to reading Learning Targets, and specific English Language Learner reading tools. (more info)

Writing Center

The writing center includes materials to develop many aspects of the writing process and infrastructure. Materials in the center include materials to support writing activities like: writing prompts, types of writing formats, graphic organizers, writing rubrics, and student exemplar writing. Teacher materials for student access and explanation are also available. Students can also access posters, manipulatives and a binder full of grammar and parts of speech activities along with answer keys. Spelling lists and activities that enhance word meaning, comprehension and phonics are also housed in the writing center. (more info)

Communication Center

The Communication Center focuses on ways that students can improve listening and speaking skills. Students can plan the creation and presentation of projects from option lists available at the center. Additionally a CD and Cassette player that can host up to 6 students on headphones allows for students to listen to audio books in small groups or individually. Students can also take their spelling tests here by selecting the Spelling Test they need from a CD and loading it into the player. (more info)

Computer Station

Two computers are available to students to increase reading and writing skills with specific teacher and student created materials. One computer allows students to access district shared drives and internet for research and writing activities. The other computer is dedicated as a learning station. This computer hosts a teacher and student created PowerPoint lessons on specific Learning Targets. Books on CD-ROM specifically designed for English language learners can also be accessed on this computer. (more info)

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Students choose a set of reading cards from a pocket chart matched to their reading level. They can improve reading comprehension skills by tracking and assessing their reading progress in seven different skill sets, analyzing their progress through charting, and setting goals around what they need to improve on, and determining how and when they will accomplish their goals. (more info)


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