Communication Center

Communication Center


The Communication Center focuses on ways that students can improve listening and Speaking skills. One way that students can do this is through the creation and presentation of projects.

Project Creation

  • Students can choose from a list of project options that are broken down into categories by learning styles:
    • Auditory
    • Visual
    • Tactile Kinesthetic
  • Students fill out a project planner that helps them to consider what Learning Targets they can address in their project and how that project will help them show proficiency.
  • Materials for making projects are located at this center.
  • Finished projects are displayed on the wall.

Listening Station

A CD and Cassette player that can host up to 6 students on headphones allows for students to listen to audio books in small groups or individually.

Students can also take their spelling tests here by selecting the Spelling Test they need from a CD and loading it into the player.