Classroom Management

Classroom Management


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

A student generated Code of Conduct is posted on the wall next to a student generated list of consequences.

Classroom Vision

Classroom Vision

A Classroom Vision created by the students is also posted on the wall as a reminder of what students believe about learning and the learning environment.

Individual and Team Points System

Classroom Teams
  • Guidelines created by students.
  • Each class is a team and they compete against the other classes to gain the most points by the end of the semester. The team with the most team points wins a movie and pizza party.

How to Earn Group PointsHow to Earn Individual Points
How to Lose Group PointsHow to Lose Individual Points


Student Expectations

Students also generated ideas around specific behavior for individual and group work time:
Expectations for Individual WorkExpectations for Group Work

Student/Teacher Conferencing

Student Help

Students sign up during work time to meet with the teacher.

  • Student writes his or her name
  • Student chooses a number from the sign up list that indicates what activity she will do until the teacher calls her up
    • Example:
      • 1=work on another Learning Target
      • 2= Spelling
      • 3=Strategy Cards
      • 4=Write in my journal

ERO Discipline

Event + Response =Outcome

When a student breaks the Code of Conduct and reaches the 3rd Consequence they are sent to fill out an ERO form at the “Reflection Island.” Students reflect on the Event, their behavior, and the way they Responded. They also consider how their actions affected both themselves and their classmates, and what the final Outcome of their behavior is.

Reflection IslandConsequences